Rock Roulette

Based in Las Vegas, “Rock Roulette” is a blazing, HIGH-ENERGY five piece rock band with various styles of exciting classic rock style music. The emphasis is on music that everyone loves! Rock Roulette does NOT shy away from the most challenging of music, but remembers to stick to HITS! Each member of “Rock Roulette” has previously enjoyed success in former award winning bands; Rock Roulette is quickly establishing a reputation as one of the best bands in Las Vegas. Each of the five members is a master at their craft. Their sheer Love of “live music” has bonded them into a tight unit that can deliver the high energy of a stadium rock concert, but can also fill a dance floor in any showroom. The focus is fun!!! Yes, music is entertainment but it is also a business. Rock Roulette understands the venues are in business to make money and the goal is to entertain the paying customers. Using their extensive mailing lists, digital media accounts, and printed materials they actively promote every booking to ensure a successful evening is had by all. And you will NOT find a more professional, courteous and friendly bunch of musicians.